Leveling the playing field

ATAC's diverse range of services, resources, and support are available on all IU campuses. They include: alternate media services; hardware and software designed to alleviate vision, hearing, cognitive, and mobility impairments; consulting for web accessibility; and presentations and training on accessibility best practices.

On IUware: Read&Write Gold text-to-speech software

Read&Write Gold (RWG), versatile text-to-speech software that supports reading and writing, is now available at no charge to IU students, faculty, and staff via IUware, the university's software distribution service. Features include:

  • Text-to-speech integration with Microsoft Word and more
  • Enhanced spell checking tools
  • Text-to-mp3 conversion
Sometimes people don't have the means to document their disabilities, or they are hesitant to identify as an individual with disabilities. With Read&Write Gold available in IUware, there is no stigma or delay in getting the help you need.
Brian Richwine, Manager
UITS Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers