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Presentations & training sessions

The ATAC gives a variety of presentations and training sessions on course inclusiveness and accessibility. Please contact us to present to your office or department.

Considering UDL, accessibility, and the ADA in course design

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) allows increased access to course participation with fewer special accommodation needs. Learn how practical UDL based techniques can be used to make learning environments as inclusive as possible while making the learning experience richer for everyone.

Topics include:

  • Disabilities, common barriers, and how students use assistive technologies
  • UDL vs. accessibility vs. accommodations
  • Selecting flexible course materials
  • Creating accessible instructional materials
  • Techniques for lecturing, assignments, group work/discussions, and assessments
  • Campus procedures for addressing accommodation requests

Creating accessible instructional materials

Learn how to create instructional materials that reach all of your students.

Topics include:

  • Frequently encountered accessibility barriers
  • Assistive technologies used for accessing text
  • How practical small steps make a big difference
  • Checklists and resources for creating accessible materials

Assistive technology in the classroom

Are your students going to be teachers someday? Are you interested in becoming educated about what kinds of technology people with disabilities use to access instructional materials and information technologies? If so, the assistive technology presentation will answer your questions.

Topics include:

  • Brief introduction to Braille
  • Frequently encountered barriers
  • Common software
  • Costs of adaptive technology

Views from a blind student

ATAC staff member Mary Stores has been blind since birth. She will share experiences from attending public schools and college, as well as supporting students with disabilities at IU.

Topics include:

  • Screen reading software demonstration
  • Brief introduction to Braille
  • Disability etiquette
  • Low-tech assistive technologies


Developing Courses

Creating accessible content

Creating accessible websites

IU Services, resources, and ADA/disability related information