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Tutorials & classes


The ATAC gives a variety of presentations and trainings on best practices for IT accessibility and inclusiveness. Please contact us to present to your office or department.

Intro to designing accessible websites

Have you heard the terms “Section 508 compliant” or “ADA compliant”? Do you want your students to learn what it takes to design accessible websites? This presentation is for web developers of all skill levels.

Topics include:

  • Types of disabilities
  • Frequently encountered barriers
  • Demonstrations on accessible vs inaccessible sites
  • Accessibility laws
  • W3C guidelines

Designing accessible websites (advanced)

Topics include:

  • Webpage accessibility checklist
  • Accessible and inaccessible code examples (including JavaScript and ARIA markup)
  • Detecting and solving common issues

Universal design for learning and accessible document creation

Learn time-saving techniques for Universal Design for Learning, the accessibility of instructional materials, and more.

Topics include:

  • Creating accessible documents
  • Common barriers for users
  • How students use assistive technologies
  • ATAC services for students and faculty

Accessibility for content writers

Writers can have a significant impact on accessibility. Learn how to create content, images, and pages that keep accessibility in mind.

Topics include:

  • Frequently encountered barriers
  • Assistive technologies used for accessing text
  • Checklist for accessible content
  • Content and text formatting
  • Image considerations

Assistive technology

Are your students going to be teachers someday? Are you interested in becoming educated about what kinds of technology people with disabilities use to access instructional materials and information technologies? If so, the assistive technology presentation will answer your questions.

Topics include:

  • Brief introduction to Braille
  • Frequently encountered barriers
  • Common software
  • Costs of adaptive technology

Views from another perspective

ATAC staff member Mary Stores has been blind since birth. She will share experiences from attending public schools and college, as well as supporting students with disabilities at IU.

Topics include:

  • Screen reading software demonstration
  • Brief introduction to Braille
  • Disability etiquette
  • Low-tech assistive technologies

Resources for creating accessible content

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