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Deadlines for alternate media requests

Important: The ATAC requires submission of standard alternate media requests by the dates listed below to ensure the converted materials will be ready by the start of the semester. Advanced subjects (math, science, foreign languages, etc.) or specialized formats take longer than the standard production time; make these requests as far in advance as possible. For more information, please see the Knowledge Base document, "What are the ATAC deadlines and timeframes for alternate media requests?"

  • June 30, 2018 (for Fall 2018 courses)
  • November 16, 2018 (for Spring 2019 courses)
  • April 12, 2019 (for Summer 2019 courses)

Free text-to-speech software on IUware

Read&Write Gold software supports reading and writing with Text-To-Speech (TTS) of PDFs, webpages, Word docs, and any on screen text, enhanced spell checking and converting text into mp3s. Read & Write Gold is available on IUware to students, faculty, and staff free of charge.

Assistive technology


Students referred to the ATAC by their disability services office can receive assistive technology (AT) loans and necessary consultation, training and support at no cost to them. The ATAC's AT library includes various assistive software for low-vision/blind computer access, voice recognition, reading assistance, and writing assistance. Also included are a variety of talking calculators, keyboards, mice, trackballs, note-taking tools, and tactile diagramming tools.

Note: Any IU instructor or student can receive short-term loans of assistive technologies for use in research, class projects, and demonstrations.

On campus

Commonly used assistive software such as Read&Write Gold, Kurzweil 3000, JAWS, and ZoomText are also available across IU on all Windows workstations in campus Student Technology Centers (STCs). If you don’t have access to the software, get in touch with your campus disability services office so they can request it from the ATAC.

Alternate media

The ATAC provides alternate formats of instructional materials to students authorized for alternate media accommodations. We specialize in creating alternate media that provides the highest levels of accessibility and usability. Alternate media options include but are not limited to:

  • Accessible eTexts for interactive reading software/screen-reading software
  • Braille and tactile graphics
  • Large print
  • Captioning and audio descriptions for video

ATAC staff members are available to help you choose between the many available options.

Requesting alternate media

Deadlines and timeframes

Do you need alternate media for coursework? Be sure to make your request by the deadlines listed on "ATAC deadlines and timeframes for alternate media requests." If you don't, the ATAC may not be able to provide you with materials by the start of the semester.

Note: Special subjects and formats take longer than the standard production time. Please submit your request as far in advance as possible.

Making requests

Contact the ATAC via phone or email to make an alternate media request. Please consult the following tips to ensure a smooth process.
  • Make sure the ATAC understands your alternate media format preferences and how you intend to access the alternate media.
  • Provide proof of purchase or other legal access to the original materials. Due to copyright laws, the ATAC must have this information before delivering any alternate media.
  • Give timely feedback about alternate materials and how they work for you. This is your responsibility.
  • Submit requests as far in advance as possible.

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