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Find support for faculty and staff with disabilities

If you or a colleague are seeking information on disability accommodations for staff or faculty, please visit the ADA@IU Resources for Employees page.

Accommodating students with disabilities

Did you receive an accommodation memo notifying you of a student in need of alternate media accommodations? Contact the ATAC to learn how to convert your course materials into accessible formats. Since the conversion process can take several weeks, please contact the ATAC about your alternate media needs as soon as possible.

The ATAC can:

  • Caption course videos for your students with hearing impairment
  • Describe course videos for your students with visual impairment
  • Create accessible eText, large print, and braille versions of print materials (textbooks, PowerPoints, lecture notes, handouts, etc.) for students with vision and other print impairments

Note: Accommodations for students with disabilities must be authorized by the campus disability services office.

Contact the campus disability services office ASAP if you have any questions. For contact info, select your campus on the Resources for Students page on the IU@ADA site

Course technology accessibility consultation

The ATAC provides consultations to instructors that have students with disabilities in a course. Consultations can cover:

  • Accessible use of teaching and learning technologies
  • Training for how to create your own accessible course materials
  • How to request captions for video and alternate media for print materials.
For more information, see "IT accessibility services" on the Consultations page.

Creating accessible course materials

The ATAC also offers free training and support for considering accessibility in the development of courses. Topics include:

  • Developing accessible courses in Canvas,
  • Using teaching and learning technologies, and
  • Creating instructional materials including:
    • Documents
    • Presentations
    • Video
    • Musical scores
    • Mathematical diagrams
Learning how to incorporate accessibility into course content can reduce the need for later fixes.

Available for presentations & guest lectures

ATAC staff members are available for presentations and guest lectures on topics such as course and document accessibility, assistive technologies, and disability awareness. See "Training & resources" for more information.

Additional resources