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Alternate media

The ATAC specializes in preparing alternate media to a high standard of accessibility and usability for students. Alternate media formats include accessible text, graphics, and multimedia. If you're a faculty or staff member supporting students with disabilities, the ATAC can partner with you to provide accessible instructional materials. You can also receive free training and support for the development of instructional materials and online courses. This will help ensure the accessibility of your course content without the need for remediation.

Assistive technology

Students referred to the ATAC by their campus disability services office can receive free assistive technology loans, as well any necessary consultation, training and support. 

Faculty & staff
The ATAC provides consultations on assistive technologies that might be beneficial to you. Training, support and short-term loans of assistive technology are also available.

Note: Any IU instructor or student can receive short-term loans of assistive technologies for use in research, class projects, and demonstrations.

Course accessibility

Accommodating a student with a disability
The ATAC partners with campus disability services offices and faculty to help determine:

  • How assistive technologies may provide equal access
  • If technologies used in the course may create barriers for the student

These consultations are performed at the request of a campus disability services office.

Including accessibility in course design
The ATAC provides consultation and training to faculty and staff on creating instructional materials and using information technologies with universal design in mind. Please visit the "Training & resources" page for more information.

Course accessibility analysis
The ATAC can analyze the accessibility of an existing course and determine what accommodations are necessary for students with commonly occurring disabilities.

Web & IT accessibility

The ATAC provides accessibility evaluation, consultation, and training services for websites, online courses, and other information technologies. See "Web & IT accessibility services" for more information.