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IT accessibility evaluations

The ATAC can perform no-cost evaluations of:
  • Websites and online systems
  • Documents, multimedia, and other instructional materials
  • Online and traditional courses
  • Software and hardware (e.g., media players, messaging clients, printers, print release stations, phones)

Evaluation services include a combination of:

  • Expert reviews
  • Technical evaluation focused on best practices
  • Functional, user-centered evaluations


Planning for web & IT accessibility
Ensure maximum accessibility at the lowest costs by meeting with ATAC specialists early in the design stages. Remember: If it’s born digital, it should be born accessible. Remediation and rework takes time and can be expensive. 

Accessibility awareness
The ATAC provides consultations on the accessibility of your website, product, or service. Consultations include demonstrations of use by individuals with disabilities, compatibility with assistive technologies, reviewing evaluations, and discussing options for addressing accessibility.

Training & resources

The ATAC makes presentations, training, online how-to resources, and accessibility evaluation software tools available for IU faculty, staff, and students. Please see "Training & resources" for more information.

Evaluation request form

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Note: Accessibility evaluations normally have a minimum two week turnaround time.

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